Want To Stand Out From The Noise?

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Want to stand out from the noise? Want to become known and famous for something? Read on! 

There are plenty of marketing strategies around; think social media, flyers, websites, e-newsletters, speaking gigs……but let’s face it, they are so obvious and quite frankly, can be a little dull and routine. Sure you can add funky titles to hook a reader, share great videos, write great content, but allow me to let you into a little secret….there is more to small business marketing than this. 

Wanna know what it is? 




 Not sure what they are? Let me explain.  

A media stunt is simply an event or planned activity that is designed to attract the attention of customers and generate a story which the media will also be intrigued by.  Ideally the event itself will attract the media without you pitching, but equally ok if you pitch the story to them – the aim is that the media stunt is so unusual or compelling, that they will want the story.   

There are heaps of them happening all around you, you probably don’t even realise. But the best thing is, small business and micro’s don’t consider them or even know about them and therefore they are a great way to stand out!  And better still, they don’t have to cost much at all.  

You can see some of the coverage we have generated for our clients who have created a stunt here 


But what about you? Did you know we can come up with stunt ideas for your business, write the media release for it and give you a helping hand on how to execute it?  We LOVE doing them! Stunts can be so creative, fun AND profitable!  

PR doesn’t have to be about product placement or stop when you run out of story angles….just create your own!  


If you have your own media stunt idea or would like us to create one for you, we’d love to hear from you.  







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