Three compelling reasons to pitch a story to your local media 

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When I mention local print media to clients, I receive one of a few reactions in no particular order; 

  1. Does anyone read the paper anymore? 
  2. (face of disappointment) But what about national publications as I sell nationwide?  
  3. Oh, I’ve tried advertising with them before and got nothing.  
  4. Ooo exciting, I would love that! 

 Let me briefly address each one in turn. 

1. Yes, they do and I have proven it time and again following successful coverage for clients in their local paper who go on to fill events, sell products, raise money for charity, generate new leads.  

2.  I get it, you believe the bigger the reach the more leads and that the more prestigious the media target, the more sales. It isn’t always the case and let’s not forget that using the media is something you can do over and over and takes practice therefore starting with your local media is an ideal place to practice. But an even better reason is that ‘media consumes media’ – what I mean by this is that national and State papers pick up their story content from local papers and so very often, a story in your local paper will also feature elsewhere. Winner! You got your State paper after all! And what also happens is that other media will contact you as happened with Marie.  Undertaking PR is not a one hit and you’re done – there is plenty of time for national papers, radio and TV. Start at local and build up to it. Trust me you will thank me for it.  

3. This is a common one. People confuse advertorial with editorial. I am not talking about paying for your story to be in the paper, I am talking about pitching editorial content which is published for free. And yep, I can imagine your paid advert didn’t do so well although were you able to track it? People read the paper to read stories and a story builds trust and credibility far more than a paid advert asking them to buy something. Your story will not ‘sell’ anything but it will generate interest in what you do which in turn generates leads.  

4. Oh phew! Yes, there are lots of you out there that see the benefit and power of using the media.  It is such an overlooked strategy by small business as quite often they just don’t get it, think it is too expensive, or simply don’t know where to start. All valid concerns and obstacles. It is why I have created a ‘done with you’ media course – The Hullabaloo Formula. I hold your hand, guide you through the entire end to end process of securing media whilst teaching you exactly how to do it for yourself over and over again. You can read more about it here and sign up to start today!   

And so, my 3 compelling reasons to use the media this year if you haven’t already……. 

  • Don’t take my word for it – listen to the amazing results and outcomes from people who have done it!  
  • Most small business don’t use it and it is likely your competitors aren’t so why not stand out and become known and famous in your local community?  
  • Using the media is a lowcost option, doesn’t take ad spend or use complicated algorithms, can often be tracked easier than many marketing strategies and generates so much content to leverage and repurpose over and over! 

Wanna learn how to do it for yourself – hit here.  

Want me to do it for you? Hit here.  

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