The why and how of repurposing content 

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Ok, so I love content.  

Content can be your story, your messages, it articulates your brand, it shares valuable insights, it educates, it informs, it entertains, it answers questions, it chats to your audience and it keeps them engaged with you. Being a publicist and writer, you might say, well, you would say that. But it’s not the only reason I love it nor why you need to create it too. 

Imagine a celebrity that never shared any content, be it in the media, on their socials, or by writing a book.  Would you lose interest? Would you lose a feeling of connection with them? Probably.  


Content is all around us and there is never a shortage.  


But when we are time-poor business owners, or in the thick of things and swamped with work, the last thing on our minds is creating content and sharing it.  

I understand. I have had times like that too. But now, I am savvier about content. 

Take this blog for example.   

I don’t just write a blog to share via email or on my website. Nope. I write a blog which can then be hacked and slashed, chopped and dissected and used over and again in many places, many forms and for many purposes.  

This blog will become a few memes. This blog will become a newsletter. This blog will become a lead magnet. This blog will become several social posts. This blog will generate questions. This blog will support my SEO. This blog will become the topic of a live which will then in turn, become a YouTube video.  

Yes, this one, very short blog, will become so much more.  

And better still, it will last several weeks and will appear across all my social channels – FB page, FB group, LI, IG, Twitter, YouTube, not to mention my database and website. I may even chat about it in Clubhouse. This blog is multifunctional and merely the starting point of a whole heap of content.  

Well, I think I have answered both the ‘why repurpose’ and the ‘how’ but if you want to see it in action, keep following me on socials or join my database and you will see snippets of this blog, all chopped up and in action!  

And the ‘why’ is of course, it simply saves a whole heap of time, you don’t have to think of new content every single day and you have more time for what you do best! Oh, and if you have a team, once you have written the blog or chosen the topic, they can repurpose for you! Easy peasey 

Need some content ideas? Need a plan? Need some blogs written, ripe for repurposing? Hit me up via DM, email or jump on a call here and we can chat. Creating content doesn’t have to take over your life.  

P.S this took me 14 mins and 22 seconds to write. And it will last about a month and generate approx. 30 posts across 6 platforms plus email and website. All 519 words of it.  

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