Spotting the Story ~ How to Score Your Media Win

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I wanted to share this recent coverage for one of our clients, not to show off but to share the purpose behind it.

Business owners often struggle with finding a story in their business, and therefore miss an opportunity. In this instance, I happened to spot the story and I approached them.

To them, this was merely an attempt in trying to raise money for charity, however once I started talking to them about it, it was the story behind how the event came about, that really sparked my interest and I immediately knew this was a media-worthy charity event.

Yes, there are hundreds of charity events going on every day and you’ve probably undertaken charity events through your business. But it’s about sharing the ‘why’ and backstory to the event that is likely to make it media worthy.

In this example it was how these young lads had realised that through their business, they were able to help their clients and local community in a way other than the obvious for their industry of keeping people fit and healthy through exercise and nutrition.

This made a great example of a media stunt, what they are actually doing in terms of pushing the sled is not the actual story, but why they are doing it and the connection with their business is what turns it into a stunt, worthy of sharing with the media and also relevant to their business.

I see too many business owners coming up with charitable events, which is if course honourable, but if you want to balance supporting a charity and your business, because let’s face, it, we cannot all spend our time raising money AND supporting our business, if you can find a way to blend the two, then you’ve created a media stunt.

I know you want your business name up in lights, and so you should! But if the whole idea of approaching the media has left you feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure of where to start, or you fancy doing your own media stunt, then that is where we come in!

Spotting story angles is what we do. Creating media – worthy stunts is what we do, and therefore, if you’d like help figuring out a tantalising hook to pitch to your local journalists, then drop me a line.

The story is invariably there, I promise you that. You may just need a hand finding it.

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