The Problem

Summit Strength, an online company providing personal training for hikers preparing for the adventure of their life, wanted to be featured in industry relevant podcasts to speak to potential clientele within a niche market. Rowan new that this strategy had worked for him the past however he simply didn’t have the time to research and connect with podcasters.

What We Did

We identified 30 potential podcasts within Rowan’s niche. We recognised that Rowan, aside from his website, had no media pack or overview of him and his work, which is useful to be able to send to podcasters as a quick reference and understanding of Rowan’s expertise. Therefore, we wrote and deigned a media pack for Rowan which was used to accompany our pitches.

The Result

We secured 3 reputable, industry-specific podcast appearances which to date have successfully converted into 4 new clients which equates to a 300% ROI.  The appearances also generate fresh content for Rowan to leverage and add to his growing list of media appearances, thereby adding credibility to his service, further positioning his as the expert in his industry whilst also generating new leads and sales.

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