The Problem

Wanted major publicity to build his own personal brand and credibility as a leading Battlefield Historian and move away from his role as an owner of a tour company. Lacked time to connect with the media.

What We Did

Used a major international event – the Centenary of the WW1 Armistice, to pitch Mat as the expert on the ground at the Western Front in France.

The Result

National media coverage

The Project – Aired to major, national television audience on 11/11 as part of a 6 minute segment, which was subsequently shared to social links, name and title included. Supported producers with an additional voice for the story and interviewed and prepped client.

The Today Show –interviewed live on the Battlefield and aired on 9 News and the Today Show Morning as part of a 3 minute segment.

Interviewed either live or pre-recorded interview on 3 regional radio stations

Interviewed either live or pre-recorded interview on 12 State radio stations

Connected with Fairfax media to secure a journalist and photographer to accompany Mat to the Western Front and cover the events – list coverage in Fairfax (The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, The Sunday Age,, Sun Herald)


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