Why Outsourcing 100% of Your Social Media is Risky

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Love it or hate it, Social Media has become a huge part of the world we live in today, providing its own unique influence on modern culture. In 2017, almost 8 in 10 Australians were on social media, universal among all age groups: 18-29 years (99%), 30-39 years (96%) and 40-49 years (86%).  And of course, within these numbers are many businesses, using social media to influence and market themselves, with many of these businesses outsourcing their social media entirely. 


Now we are big fans of outsourcing and indeed experience the many benefits of outsourcing elements of Little Black Book Marketing, however when it comes to social media, we believe businesses should avoid doing so entirely and this is why;


The benefits of outsourcing


Many businesses come to us with the intention of having their social media managed – enabling them to instead focus on day-to-day operations – makes sense.  However while we can use our expertise to research and post relevant and quality content, interact and engage with consumers, reflect your tone of voice, collect and analyse data for you and follow this up with recommendations for the future, the one thing we cannot be is ‘in’ your business daily.


We are not sat in your office, in your store or clinic and nor are we meeting your customers face to face aside from the times we may visit you.  There will be heaps of things that happen in the blink of an eye that are social media worthy and it is these elements of your business that you need to capture.  They are unique to you and in the world of social, highly valuable.


What outsourcing social media can deliver however, which is extremely valued, is the guarantee that posts will be posted, your page will be looked at daily and your content plan will always be filled! Something we know that clients struggle to do consistently. So, where are the drawbacks?


The drawbacks of 100% outsourcing your social media


Just as the name suggests, the most important element of social media is the social component. Your followers want to see your personality through social media and know feel there is an element of personal interaction – not bots or automated messages.  We call it ‘of the moment’ posts.


Let’s take for example one of our clients – Direct Vet Services. While we post post for them regularly and manage their content on Facebook, Dr Karen and her team constantly compliment our content by posting their signature touch of humour, heart-warming stories and videos from goings on in the clinic, which can sometimes be a little chilling (e.g. removing rocks from snake’s stomachs or extracting pups via caesarean) yet very engaging! It’s not quite what you’d expect from your local Vet, but it is what her customers have come to expect from her – and that is why it works for them. They have super high engagement consistently. Their Facebook page has created a strong community of pet lovers and loyal fans, which allowed us to spot a successful media story for them too.


Using social media is a great way for you to gauge what your consumers want and feel – the comments and questions, which are directed at you, are in effect a fabulous focus group.


So even if you do outsource, you need to ensure you or your team members are committed to being involved too. And be creative with social media – mundane and constant sales posts will rarely engage your audience – have some fun with social media and mix it up – videos, memes, FB lives, events. 


To book in a call with us to see how we can support you with your social content – simply click on the link!




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  • Cary Richards

    You always have to walk that fine line between saving time and effort on your end and doing it yourself and saving the money.
    Greta article.

    • Admin

      Hi Cary, thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment and yes, it is indeed a fine line. I am pleased you enjoyed it. Feel free to join our tribe on FB at Ambitious Business Owners – become known, become famous where I share heaps more advice and support for small business owners.

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