Now is NOT the time to worry about toilet rolls 

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We are all feeling it – the effects of Coronavirus are wide and far reaching – believe me I have been knee deep in media stories showcasing the myriad of issues and talking with clients who are quite frankly scared and worried that their business is about to fail.   

And what I also know is that it is impacting many businesses in different ways – whether it is staff working from home, having to close doors, customers not wanting to attend, or the pressure to provide additional cleaning – so many businesses are struggling and with no clear end in sight, many are understandably worried and looking for ways to reduce costs.  

So, as a marketer that has long advocated low cost or no cost marketing (I started a business on zero budget and marketed using free strategies) I wanted to share some ways you can ensure that despite the challenges, you don’t give up on generating new leads and staying in touch with your customers.  If you have been forced to close, reduce hours, change the way you deliver your service, or revert to online, then now is the time to market and bring in those new leads ready for when business can resume as normal.  

Do not give up on talking to your customers and target market – whether this means more regular social posts, emailing your database, or sharing your story with the media or perhaps that of a customer, you are all in this together and now more than ever, they need you as much as you need them.

So do not hide away. 

If you are in my FB tribe I will be sharing ways to market at this challenging time – you can join here. 

But I have also put together 20 lead generating activities that each take around 5 mins – if you have more time on your hands at the moment then I urge you to spend that time working ‘on’ your business and make that time spent on marketing. Melanie Murcott, owner of Local Pantry Co shares her amazing results from having done just this – she knew that in difficult times, her bricks and mortar store would struggle, whether that was through the fires, floods and therefore continued to invest her time in marketing and in particular, on her online services, which are immune to such disasters. 

“We’ve seen a huge influx in our website traffic, mostly due to the groundwork we laid with google shopping earlier in the year, but it is keeping our Bricks and mortar afloat for now. I am super grateful for the ‘past me’ putting in the hours then. With out this steady stream coming in we’d be in a world of pain.”

Well done Melanie. 

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