It’s not what you know; it’s what you do with the knowledge

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I recently read a post in a FB group with someone sharing their experience of a very high profile speaker event where she listed what she had learned and the key pieces of information that the speaker shared. This was all around what was hot in the world of social media and various stats and facts such as customers need to be touched by your brand 5.2 times before they are likely to purchase.

What then followed in the feed was a long list of ‘thank you’s, that’s great!’… now this bothered me and I will tell you why.

Nothing this speaker had shared was ground-breaking, nor was it anything that you couldn’t read for yourself online for free – no idea what they had paid to attend the event but regardless, I was particularly underwhelmed by what had been shared. But more than this, was the lack of what to do with this knowledge and what I call the ‘so what now?’ test.  Having that knowledge is all well and good however if it doesn’t apply to your business or you don’t know how to make it applicable to your business and make it of any benefit to you and your customers, then to be frank, it is completely useless. And I see this all the time.  Business coaches spouting the latest trend, idea or latest hack, but with no real help to others on how to make use of this strategy.

I call it incomplete and superficial help.  Great I say, you know that you should connect with your customers 5.2 times, does that mean you have to send them 5.2 emails a day, schedule 5.2 social media posts a day, or make 5.2 calls to encourage them to buy? Clearly that is ridiculous but you get my gist. Most business owners do not know what to do with the plethora of information they consume every day and without action, it is all pretty well, let’s say useless.

Unless you can filter out all this content and know what is applicable to your business and then know how you are going to use it, then I wouldn’t waste any more time reading the latest coaching guide, following coaches who claim to make you 7 figures overnight or coaches who are full of facts but provide no guidance on how to use and implement it.

It’s one of the reasons I was adamant that I would blend both insights for clients along with a done for you element – I would never say, oh go and use the media and gain coverage for your business but then give them no idea how. Or tell them to create partnerships for your business but not explain how; or claim to have made millions from a strategy but not show them how.

So my message to you is, knowledge is great but always qualify it and know how you are going to use it – that is when the real ROI comes. If you plan on listening to a speaker because you are interested in the topic, make sure that you know what you are going to do with that info and how it can help you, otherwise you have just spent several hours of your time and no doubt money, for a whole heap of useless information.


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