Need some variety in your content? Use my handy guide!

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Need some variety in your content?  

When we talk about content for social media, we tend to think of text, images or perhaps video. However, within the different content mediums, there are many different options of what to share and how to share it, to add variety to your feed, to interest and appeal to different followers and to disrupt your audience’s consumption.   

And the ‘what to share’ is the most common struggle I hear from clients. 

Varying the type of content you post and the format of it, can make followers stop and take notice and importantly, engage rather than scroll on by.  Followers can easily become complacent that you have nothing ‘different’ to offer them and it is merely another predictable piece of text with a selfie updating them on your day or yet another FB live that they don’t have time to listen to. 

So, what are the different post types that can add some pzazz to your content marketing?  

I have put together a selection of content types to consider for your own feed, in a handy guide with some examples.

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