The Hullabaloo Formula

From Wanna' Be To Celebrity




Lights – Camera – Media Action Unleashed

Self-Paced Modular Learning

A whole years-worth of access to each of the 10 modules and all of the resources included – allowing you the time to pace yourself, refer back, have another go, until you’ve perfected your publicity.

Self-paced, bite sized chunks, done with you.

Multiple Layers of Expert Support

Enjoy access to a private Facebook community – you’re not alone. This community is your space to ask me questions, share your homework, share ideas with the group, ask questions, celebrate wins, connect with like-minded business owner, all thirsty to use the media. You’ll receive targeted feedback if you get stuck along the way.

Fortnightly Live and Interactive Calls

Live fortnightly coaching calls – your opportunity to pick my brain, ask questions, and learn from others that may be ahead of you in the program.

Calls will be held conveniently on Tuesdays at 10am and 8pm (AEST Sydney-time) starting 12th November, meaning you can work your calls into your busy schedule.


This is a straight forward, hands on, practical program, where you are actually doing, not just learning in theory. This is where the Hullabaloo formula is different. It gets you doing, it gets you trying, it gives you the practical experience that you won’t get anywhere else. This is the perfect blend of DIY and done-for-you = done with you.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Susie in creating media releases and a PR strategy. The knowledge and guidance that she provided was second to none. Susie has strengthened my knowledge of Public Relations and the importance of creating a powerful media release. I was thoroughly impressed with the service provided as well as the on-going support. What a fantastic experience Susie provides, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to revamp their PR and Marketing strategies! 

Chelsea Thompson

Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Direct Selling Association of Australia

I was really surprised at the module structure when I started – I was expecting to have to sit through 1 or 2 hour videos and have to work and then work out what to do, but it wasn’t like that at all! The video tutorials are short, concise and get straight to the point with really practical step. And better still, the accompanying worksheets are simple to follow with actions you can take immediately!

I had never thought about my profile and I was able to go away and update it! Thank you so much!

Nathalie Reiter


Thanks to Susie’s awesome work and the media exposure she generated,  she helped my friend and I raise nearly $11,000 for a charity event we were hosting.  Susie got our story out there to the public through the media and as a result, landed us a front-page colour cover in the local newspaper. 

I highly recommend working with Susie and her team because not only do they know what they’re doing, but they genuinely care about you and your project.

Aidan D'arcy

Owner and founder of The Body Transformation Academy, Supporter of the GOTCHA 4 LIFE FOUNDATION

Using the media builds credibility, positions you as an expert in your field, builds trust, sets you apart from the competition, generates leads that you wouldn’t have otherwise attracted, and it’s free.  Media isn’t just about becoming known and famous, it’s about the results you can generate from the coverage and that’s the ultimate aim from media – what can you gain from it.  After all, that’s what any marketing strategy should be about, a return.  Do you need to raise money for charity, do you need to launch your book, do you need to fill out your event, do you need to stand out from the competition, are you a start up with a great idea, have you got a new product to launch?

My process, that has been developed over several years is equally applicable whether you are a product based business, service based business, whether you are bricks and mortar or purely online, whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a team of ten; any size or type of business can generate their own media.

How would you feel and what would it mean to your business and your team, if you were featured in your local paper, interviewed on radio or tv, featured on a major podcast, contacted by other journalists having read your story and began generating free leads who were quality, warm leads keen to work with or buy from you? If you are ready to make this happen and see your name in print or hear yourself on tv or radio, I’d love you to join the Hullabaloo Formula.

Why Use The Media?

Perfect fit for your business

Media works equally well for starts up, micros and smalls as it does the big brand names. You don’t need to have a little black book of contacts, because content trumps contacts every time. Front page is possible.

Generate and leverage

Using the media generates quality content that is both sharable, can be repurposed, and can be used again and again. In this course, we will cover how to leverage your media coverage.

They need you

Let’s not forget the media needs stories to survive. Without someone like you or I sending them a great personal story that speaks to their listeners or readers, they have no publication. The media are not experts in everything, therefore, when a hot topic hits the media, they need people who can talk on that subject and give them the inside gossip on what that really means. They need to continually feed their audience with quality information to educate and inform. Each and every one of you has a story, has something of value to share with others. Why keep it to yourself? Why not share it with the media?

Find your story

Remember this is not an exclusive club for the big brands. The media loves hearing about unknown or individual, expert businesses who are otherwise hidden in our community, who have something exciting or revolutionary or amazing to tell the world. I have not spoken to any business who is not hiding a story within them or their business; they just don’t see it.

How Do I know If I Can Do My Own PR?

When you are your own publicist you are in control of your relationships with the media – if you spot a great story that breaks, you can respond, you don’t have to wait or rely on an agency to spot the story for you. Not all agencies will work as hard for the publicity as you would like them to, but most will be expensive.

The Hullabaloo Formula

The Hullabaloo Formula is a results focused program with the sole aim of showing you how to secure your own media coverage to grow your business.


PR can be faster and more cost effective than most other marketing strategies. Even if you’ve never contacted the media before, you’ve no idea what a media release looks like, you have zero experience being interviewed, you have zero contacts in the media, you think you haven’t got a story to share or you think you have nothing worthy of being published.


Let’s stop finding reasons not have a go and allow me to open the doors to a world you thought was unobtainable. Step inside, let me hold your hand and I will guide you all the way to your first published story.


Let’s learn the exciting skill of not only becoming your own publicist, but also my little secret – creating media stunts for your business, something many PR Agencies won’t do. Creative ideas are my zone of genius.


Let’s be clear, the Hullabaloo formula is the only done-with-you, one-of-a-kind media course that turns you into your own publicist, saves you thousands in PR agency fees, gets you recognised as an expert in the media, generates new leads and sales, grows your social media and newsletter following and generates quality content.  And let’s not overlook the value of quality, unique content in supporting your SEO and driving traffic to your business, setting you apart and becoming known as an influencer and thought leader in your industry.

My Approach

I know how busy small business owners are and I don’t want to overwhelm you.  I’m one too, so I get it.

The Hullabaloo Formula is broken down into small, manageable modules, which you can spread out to fit around your workload or around the peaks and troughs of your business. You can do this driving to work or dropping the kids off to school; it’s as simple as plugging in and listening to one of my videos. This is not about turning you into a full-time publicist, this is about adding an extremely powerful and valuable marketing skill that can essentially cost you nothing to implement once learned, a skill you can use over and over again. You’ll never run out of media opportunities. This is not complicated. You don’t need technical know-how or writing prowess. You just need the drive to go out and get what you want.

Susie Campbell is an expert in her field.


Her no nonsense practical approach delivered immediate results for me. Guiding us through the subtleties of dealing with the media and structural elements of the media release including headline, story, wording and pitch I had landed a published story before I even completed the training.


I highly recommend Susie to anybody wanting to increase their media presence.

Stephen Gregory

Keep plugging away everyone with those calls to journos etc with your pitch!

I was very nervous about making contact on the phone but after two rounds or emails and 3 phone calls I made it into the Pittwater Life mag this month.

Very happy, thanks for all the help Susie!

Check it out here ~


Founder and Artist, Jules Nature Artist

I engaged Susie because I couldn’t get the Manly Daily to respond or even take notice of my story. Then I saw Susie and she has the fine art of hitting the right angle in your story. Susie presented a brilliant storyline to the Manly Daily. And sure enough, they called me and printed my story on page 3 of their Saturday issue. It was so successful that the Daily Telegraph even took that story for the online local news.The impact for me were 11 more participants in my workshop and awesome positioning. I can’t recommend Susie highly enough if you are after solid public relationsHer service is worth every cent.

Jürgen Schmechel

Inspiring Relationships

How It Works


Complete Your Modules

The program consists of 10 neatly packaged modules. Each module takes you through the entire end to end process that will result in connecting you with the media and having your story published, and every step pf the way, I’m on hand to answer your questions, reassure you and celebrate your wins.

Take Action

You’ll learn how to find that enticing story within your business that makes a journalist pick up the phone.  You’ll understand how to pitch your story confidently to a journalist. You’ll know how to handle a media interview; but not only that, you will also have access to an entire bank of resources that you can use again and again. The exact resources that I use every day when I’m pitching my clients to the media. This is invaluable.

Reach Your Goals

You’ll walk away with everything you need to be able to generate media for your business, year in, year out, including a publicity plan template, a media release, example pitches, not to mention heaps of ideas for media targets. You’ll become your own storyteller, your own publicist and pitch perfectly each time, every time.

FOUNDATIONAL MEMBER – Upfront Annual Package

You’ll receive annual access including full support and resources. Connect with me to request a tailored quote for multiple membership access.




Are you a non-for-profit organisation? Do you want more than one person from the same business to attend? Register now, or contact me at for a tailored quote for your entire team.




Congratulations on completing my 7-Day Pitch Perfect Media Challenge. To thank you, I’m offering all participants an exclusive discount for a short time only.



Still Have Questions?

You’ve read this far and I’d suggest that that shows the commitment that this course requires. I’m not here to tell you that this isn’t going to take any effort. It will. But I’m 100% committed to helping you achieve what you want, as it is your results that continue to make this course successful! I want everyone who signs up for this program to secure media coverage, because not only do you win and secure publicity for your business, but I succeed in generating the success stories and quite frankly the amazing kick I get from watching my students succeed. So if you’re prepared to work through the modules, you are prepared to listen and ask questions, if you are prepared to have a go, if you want to grow your business and learn a skill that will last for the lifetime of your business, if you want to grow your personal brand, you have goals to bring in new leads regularly without paid advertising, you’re secretly yearning to be in the media and want to spread the word, then I reckon you’re a pretty good fit for this program.