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Warning – a rather direct and to the point blog, not for those that like fluffy advice or think that marketing is about their likes and dislikes.   


It concerns me when I see posts in business Facebook groups that go something along the lines of:  

‘When is the best time to post on FB, IG, LI to get maximum traction?’ 

Or ‘which social media platform should I use?’ 

Or ‘what’s the best way/place to market my products?’ 

All of these questions say one thing to me – the person does not know who their target market is and therefore have not done any research on them.   If they had, they would be able to answer these questions for themselves or at least recognise why and where they need to start looking for the answers.  

But more worryingly is, those asking these questions have already started a business and often invested a considerable amount of time and money, without knowing this information.  Knowing who your market is and that you even have a market for your product or service, is crucial, let me say that again, CRUCIAL, in knowing how and where to market to them.  

And because I always look at numbers within a business, it worries me that there are a lot of start-ups spending money on expensive websites, product development, branding and even retail premises, before they have undertaken the fundamental task of getting to know their market.  Massive risk.  And before I hear you say ‘but I have seen others doing it, or so-and -so is successful at it, or I did it in corporate, or my family and friends think it’s a great idea’, stop right there.  Doing it for yourself means you are going to do it differently to them because you are different and can never replicate someone else’s business or success.  You can certainly learn from others, pick up ideas or research others in your industry, but that is never a guarantee of your success.  There are far too many factors that you will never know about the other business.  

Everything you do in marketing must be in line with your market. Your brand must speak to them, your social media must speak to them at the right time and on the right platform, your premises must be accessible by them and entice them in and your products must provide a solution or fulfil a need for them.  None of this is about you.  

And this is the thing – the only way you will find out who your market it is, where they hang out, which social platform they use, what they do at weekends, what they value and what they love about their favourite stores, is, yes you got it, ask them.  Go and speak to them, meet them, watch them, hang out with them, understand them.  

It doesn’t matter if you like the location, if you love IG, or if you liked your logo, if your ideal customers do not.  


  • creating a focus group 
  • create an online poll  
  • observing customer buying habits 
  • chat to retailers 
  • be a customer of your competitors 

….basically, immerse yourself in your industry and most importantly, wear the shoes of your customer.  

I am always very happy to have a no obligation chat about your business and provide advice and ideas.  

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  • Amy Roche

    Nice one and great advice!

    • Admin

      Thanks so much for your comment and for taking the time to read!

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