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Marketing and Sales – which is letting you down? Are you guilty of a mistake that is impacting both?

You may easily be able to answer this, or you may ponder what each one is, or you might start to question where your weakness lies. Many small business owners struggle with one or the other, or both or actually don’t know which one is preventing them from growing.

Let me tell you a story….

I recently saw a post from a fairly large business requiring a recommendation from a local service provider. Great I thought as I know just the business to recommend. So, I did. And tagged the business owner.

The business owner, a few hours later, thanked me and then did something that made me cringe and compel me to write this.

Their mistake which could cost them the sale and further business?

They didn’t read what was asked in the initial request which was – ‘please call (name number) if you can assist’ – instead they posted a link to their website and asked the business owner to check it out.

What is wrong with this?

This one seemingly insignificant action, tells me a few things and suggests a few things that may or may not be true, however you are opening yourself up to these questions:

Firstly, you didn’t take the time to read the request properly and therefore it brings into question if you going to deliver to what I ask and take the time to listen to what I need as a customer? I didn’t ask for web links, I wanted a call.

Second, maybe you can’t be bothered to call?

Third, maybe you don’t want the business that badly?

Fourth, do you struggle with people skills and customer service and customer experience which is why you didn’t pick up the phone?

Fifth, is my business not a big enough job for you?

Sixth, I could have googled myself, I don’t want to read a website I want to talk to you to get a quote which is what I asked in the first place; now I am annoyed and don’t want to bother with you despite someone recommending you.

Get the idea? It isn’t a great reflection on your business.

But what this action does is suggests that your marketing may be an issue but also your sales and ability to convert leads. Your marketing has let you down as this was a great opportunity to reach a large number of people via this business owners page, to showcase what you do but also, the warm and friendly service you deliver by answering in a warm, friendly and efficient manner and letting them know that you would call today. And you missed seeing that marketing opportunity.

It also tells me that you may have lots of similar leads and sales opportunities which pass you by, simply because you don’t follow them up or convert them by being prompt and actioning correctly.

So, is it your marketing or sales that is letting you down?

I’m here to help and review your current processes and help you spot the weak areas or create processes to increase your leads and convert them into sales!

Drop me a line, or book in a call!

P.S I have mystery shopped many businesses who are surprised by what I tell them.

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