It’s the one decision that you ought to make sooner rather than later!

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It’s the one decision that you ought to make sooner rather than later!

What am I talking about?


I see it often.

A business owner starts out, everything is going well, they start to get busy, stress creeps in, they start frantically outsourcing or asking around for help, or realise they need a better way to manage everything and then wham.

It all gets too much.

Customer service goes out of the window. Maybe they turn down work. Maybe they lose a customer because they were too slow to reply. Maybe they try to recruit and hire a dud because it was all a rush. Often, they take on a friend or family member to help.  Not ideal especially when you are under pressure.

So, my advice is – make the decision early. Decide if you want to scale your business beyond just you, your kitchen table and a worn-out laptop. Decide early, decide before you get busy, decide from the start if possible.

Know what you want your business to look like in 5 year’s-time.

Now I know you might not know exactly but dream a little!

Will you have a shop front?
Will you have a team?
Will you stay as a solo consultant?
Will you have an office?
Will you outsource?
Do you want to turn over 6 figures?
Do you want to work part time?
Do you want flexibility around family?
Do you want to sell your business and retire from it?
Do you want to make your business your income?

All of these questions will help you to understand what scaling can mean to you and help to start make the decisions early, to avoid a whole lot of pain and stress when business suddenly, well, gets busy!

Scaling means you need processes; you need systems in place and you need to have them BEFORE you get busy. Ain’t no one got time for setting up CRM’s, recruiting, finding business mentors, or taking on VA’s when you are up working until midnight just to stay on top of things.

Always here to chat, share my experience of scaling, taking on staff, moving beyond the one-man band and putting on big girl pants! (or boy pants of course).

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