“Creativity is intelligence having fun!”

Albert Einstein


We love small business because it is so much easier to be creative when you don’t have 6 departments to agree to an idea, 5 meetings to sit on, 8 signatures to acquire and a presentation to give before anyone will even acknowledge you have a great idea!

This is why small business can just as easily compete with the big brands and stand out in the crowd of competition and do PR in a way that delivers big results.

We love the world of offline marketing and are a bit partial to commercial premises! You know, bricks and mortar stores, the storefronts and shopkeepers of our cities and suburbs and tucked-away street corners. We love shop fronts, cafés, restaurants, pop up shops, the inside and outside of shops, the staff in the store, the signage outside the store, the kerb appeal, the store merchandising, the uniforms. We also love clinics, treatment rooms, receptions, stock rooms, kitchens and serveries.  Soooooo much fun to be had!

We aren’t neglecting all you online lovers, oh no! We love to work with online warriors for different reasons – online owners forget about the offline space and ways to make a name for yourselves, that’s where we come in. We love you because we switch on light bulbs for you and show you a different way to market yourself.  Forget paid ads and Google Adwords, we’ll come up with something completely different for you guys!

We love everything there is to know about small businesses and what we love even more, is helping them stay in business and building a mob of loyal customers. Add to the mix our signature twist of connecting businesses with the community around them and voila, you are in business!

Clients are referred to us because we roll up our sleeves and get stuck in; we are practical marketers. We are a fresh pair of eyes and look at the business from the customer’s perspective – something that many business owners forget in the midst of being busy!

Whose crazy dream was this?

Susie, founder of Hullabaloo (formerly Little Black Book Marketing but Susie wanted to make more noise in the industry so rebranded!) first discovered her love and flair for bricks and mortar marketing whilst Serving in the Royal Navy.  Tasked to create an array of catering, retail and leisure services, within a busy Naval Base, from concept to open day, each outlet was created with a unique personality, aimed at a very specific market, each one becoming hugely popular with locals and visitors alike.

Now based in Sydney, working with both local and interstate clients, Susie and her team bring their creative eyes and practical approach to using the media, in pursuit of their big bold goal to keep 5000 businesses in business and is one of the only small business PR companies, to create PR stunts for clients.

Making use of three key strategies – media, creating memorable customer experiences and collaborations, Susie helps businesses to stay in business by becoming known and famous.

Her company, Hullabaloo, a public relations and content agency,believe businesses do better when they work together and that engagement with their community, creating a memorable customer experience and connecting with the media is key to their success.

Meet our Team



  • Susie
    Susie Commanding Officer (CO)
    Known for ~ Creative Thinking that challenges the norm
    Excels at ~ Leadership
    Awesome Talent ~ Identifying media angles

  • Neeley
    Neeley Executive Officer (XO)
    Known for ~ A clear head and logical thought when Susie’s head is blank
    Excels at ~ Change management and delightfully personal customer service
    Awesome talent ~ Off the scale productivity and a sharp marketers brain

  • Andy
    Andy Operations Officer (Ops)
    Known for ~ Commitment to project excellence 
    Excels at ~ Swift understanding of client needs  
    Awesome talent ~ Wordsmithing!

  • Beth
    Beth Logistics Officer (Purser)
    Known for ~ Utter Efficiency
    Excels at ~ Detail
    Awesome Talent ~ Looking after everything the rest of us run out of patience with!

  • Lisa
    Lisa Engineering Officer (Engines)
    Known for ~ Down to earth approach
    Excels at ~ Cutting through the web confusion for clients
    Awesome talent ~ All things techy! 

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany Naviagator (Navs)
    Known for ~ Creativity
    Excels at ~ Interpreting a brand visually
    Awesome talent ~ Delivering something so special you know will pop!

  • Kat
    Kat Public Relations Officer (PRO)
    Known for ~ Eye for detail and delving into every possible media angle
    Excels at ~ Crafting a publicity story that demands attention
    Awesome talent ~ Building great relationships with the media

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Deputy Logistics Officer (DLO)
    Known for ~ All-round support
    Excels at ~ Multi-tasking
    Awesome talent ~ Creating bespoke content and fresh social ideas

  • Chloe
    Chloe Lead PHOT
    Known for ~ Stunning images
    Excels at ~ Nailing the brief the first time
    Awesome talent ~ Creative styling and capturing the essence of a business

  • Sarah
    Sarah Camera Crew
    Known for ~ Recognising the importance of a deadline
    Excels at ~ Reflecting the personality of a brand or business in film
    Awesome talent ~ A natural strength in visual storytelling

Here’s what our clients say about us


  • I came across Little Black Book Marketing through online recommendations and my  interest was sparked as they  specialised  in helping small business. Being a start-up I was very keen to have some advice and after chatting with Susie it  became apparent she  could help me in many ways. After our first  strategy call with her I felt re-energised and given some clear direction for my next 6 months.  Subsequently her team were able to write blog pieces that were no only well  written but fabulous content suited perfectly to my market. My experience in working through these pieces  what  seamless . Herself and Neeley were  extremely professional and went over and above in  helping to get blog and email pieces out to my audience. I  would have no hesitation in recommending them and I look forward to working with them again in the future. 

    Katrina Verso Owner and Founder, Cammino
  • It was an absolute pleasure to work with Susie Campbell from Little Black Book Marketing in creating media releases and a PR strategy for our past Industry Award campaign. The knowledge and guidance that she provided was second to none. Susie has strengthened my knowledge of Public Relations and the importance of creating a powerful media release. I was thoroughly impressed with the service provided as well as the on-going support that was provided by Susie. What a fantastic experience Little Black Book Marketing provides. I would highly recommend Susie and the team at LBBM to anyone looking to revamp their PR and Marketing strategies!

    Chelsea Thomson Direct Selling Australia
  • A big thank you Susie Campbell for such an informative 20 minute strategy call. It was so power-packed and I got heaps out of it. You are awesome! 

    Mansi Mash Accessories
  • I had an excellent experience working with Susie. She is going the extra mile for you in every aspect. I engaged Susie because I couldn’t get the Manly Daily to respond or even take notice of my story. Then I saw Susie and she has the fine art of hitting the right angle in your story.

    After extensive discussions and research, Susie presented a brilliant storyline to the Manly Daily. And sure enough, they called me and printed my story on page 3 of their Saturday issue. It was so successful that the Daily Telegraph even took that story for the online local news.The impact for me were 11 more participants in my workshop and an awesome positioning. I can’t recommend Susie highly enough if you are after solid public relations and marketing advice. Her service is worth every cent. And I am now looking forward to tackle the next goal using her services again.

    Jürgen Schmechel Inspiring Relationships
  • Thank you so much for all of your assistance, it has been a great experience being your client. I can and will only say good things about Susie and Little Black Book Marketing.

    Linda Court Kavalia Power
  • I just love that you are on this journey with me Susie! THANK YOU for listening and helping my business to evolve and grow.

    Dina Cooper Parents Leading Change
  • I just wanted to let you know that you have been so amazing, and thank you so much.

    Alli Price Motivating Mum
  • Thank you so much for your call this morning and taking the time to go through the details of how I can start moving. One day, I need to make a video blog about choosing the right people to work with and how you have been so good for me and my marketing.

    Maud Briscoe-Renaud Maud Briscoe-Renaud Counselling and Life Coaching
  • I LOVE what you have done, we are so very happy with your service! Thank you!

    Karen Mileto Supreme Natural Health
  • To be totally honest, I have been raving all about Susie's lecture to everyone who has asked me about my day. It was like you 'slapped me on the forehead' and reminded me of all of the ways I knew how to run my business, but got lost in doing along the way.

    Stacey Hansen Mmmm Pate And More
  • I contracted Little Black Book Marketing to edit and proof read the copy of my new book, and what I received was astounding! Susie is super talented and easy to work with; her turnaround time is also impeccable. Susie's services have been invaluable!

    Tiffany Gouge Studio: Tiffany Gouge
  • Susie is a highly professional person and is dedicated in everything that she does. A high achiever with great communication skills makes Susie a pleasure to work with.

    Pippa Rowntree
  • My fortnightly Skype sessions with Susie were so helpful, she is an amazing listener and is incredibly patient. She managed all of my social media presence and direct marketing, was thorough and reliable, and helped me to sort my realistic ideas from the unprofitable and unscalable ones. Thanks Susie for coaching me and helping me remain in my business, because i think without your encouragement and advice, I wouldn't where I am today.

    Glynis Howard Baby of Mine
  • Susie from LBB came recommended to me through a friend I trust. At the time I wasn't really sure what i needed as far as social media but I was daunted by it. As I had just launched my business I didn't want to get it wrong and send out the wrong message to the market. I met with Susie and she took the time to really understand my business and "The Why" behind it. From this she worked within my budget and put together a strategy that I understood and was really impressed with. Susie and her team regularly check up on what is working through analytics and review our social media strategy. I cannot recommend the LBB team enough, they are personal, professional and have really helped grow my business and educate me at the same time in the fast moving world of social media"

    Monique Treder Happetite Food
  • I still remember reading the first sentence of content Susie had developed and I just thought “this is amazing”. When I was finished reading it, I just sat there silently and thought, this lady who I have never met, and all she really did was spend a good few minutes speaking to me and then all I did was complete a questionnaire has completely captured not only the image I wanted to present but my personality and persona in its entirety. I was completely gobsmacked and was completely happy with the end product. In addition she was always readily available for feedback, didn’t hesitate to offer her opinion regardless of whether I would agree or not, and really helped me create the essence of my website. If you are looking for someone to develop content for you regardless of how corporate don’t bother looking any further – you’ve hit jack pot!  

    Aarati Ilanko Global RP
  • I worked with Susie from Little Black Book Marketing to help develop and refine the Opportunity Summary for Little Rockers Radio. Susie was very thorough in gaining an understanding of the business in order to put together our proposal. The turn around was fast, however by no means rushed. The final summary, that honed in on the key benefits of working with Little Rockers Radio, is now used when we commence all conversations with potential partners.

    Sarah Morrissey Little Rockers Radio
  • Being a small business, I've relied very heavily on social media to advertise my services. My Facebook page was achieving regular new likes initially and people were seeing the posts but nothing was consistent or generating much engagement. I didn't really have quality time to dedicate to the page and it became quite dormant. Little Black Book Marketing gave me some fantastic ideas to boost page productivity and help me better understand how to manage the page consistently. I am now a master of scheduling regular, relevant posts to my audience and have a clear understanding which posts work and which don't. A one hour brainstorming session with you has been invaluable. The best thing is the time I've saved! I know the page is performing without having to 'work' on it every day. Plus it has generated new business so quickly! Awesome Little Black Book. Thank you!

    Julia Crawford Union Jacks Mobile Hair Services
  • Susie is both an accomplished expert in her field of offline marketing and a person of great warmth and positivity. She helped me get my first local media in place in not just one but two local papers and I made the front page! She has been a helpful guide in what can be a confusing world.

    Simon Miskin Dare 2 Be
  • Susie recently pitched to the local media for an event I was presenting. Her enthusiasm, continual contact and caring attitude gave me confidence that she would be unerringly successful. This was indeed the case. I received new attendees which helped make my workshop a huge success. I would recommend Susie to anyone needing help to upgrade their business visibility in the media.

    Diana Scanlan Being Naturally Healthy
  • Susie Campbell is a powerhouse Mentor who is very smart and has the heart and mind to help people win big on every level. I have known her for years and love her great work. Susie rocks!

    Edward Zia
  • Just had the most awesome first mentoring session with Susie. She was warm, friendly & relatable, took the time to understand my business and gave me a new focus to start working on straight away. Came away feeling inspired and invigorated!

    Lou Duggan
  • 5 STARS!

    Bec Derrington
  • Great working with Hullabaloo on my new logo and business card. They let me drive the designs as much as possible with helpful tweaks and suggestions along the way. Ease of communication made it a smoothly run project with the ability to discuss any concerns or whacky changes I wanted to make along the way. Would definitely use them again.

    Jules Lawson
  • I was hesitant to re-brand as I had stuck with my original design for so long. But I am glad I made the call to Hullabaloo PR. Susie and her team took into consideration my concept of having something old (existing logo) but making it new. And what a job! We will be applying our image across all our documents, emails, signatures, signage. Thanks again Hullabaloo, looks like you will be our PR department for a very long time!

    Mal Helweh Maize Group Pty Ltd
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