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Business has been challenging for quite some time now and I know I for one, have had my attention drawn to generating new leads and supporting existing clients, rather than working on planning.  But content planning is crucial for both of those things.  

Content is crucial if we are to maintain communication with our clients and prospects and ensure they are educated, inspired, motivated, connected and most importantly, know that we exist and what we can do for them! 

When COVID first hit, I talked extensively to local businesses about the importance of communicating even if you were closed or had been forced to go online.  Customers still need to be reminded of you, be up to date with the latest restrictions and what you can offer them as in most cases, there was still something you could offer, even if it was positive words or some behind the scenes photos of how you were coping 

But communication is for always, not only during a crisis.  

However, the frequent cry is, I don’t know what to post or I just communicate adhoc and whenever I have a bit of spare time and then there will be nothing for a few weeks. 

I get it. That was me in my first year or two…. 

until I worked out a simple and effective way to plan and structure my content that didn’t require hours of effort AND could be followed by a VA or staff member or outsourced for someone to create the content.  

And to save you heaps of time and angst, I thought I would share my content plan with you here, absolutely free.  

But before you rush to download it, here are a few tips to using it successfully. 

  • Keep your plan updated by always adding on the next 3 months as you use 3 months so that you always have blank planning a year ahead.  
  • Refer to the list of content type ideas below to ensure breadth of content type. 
  • Plug in key dates, promotions, Cause days or industry events first as you’ll be surprised how quickly your plan fills – work back from each date with teaser content and build up and then follow up afterwards with photos or feedback perhaps! 
  • I pick a theme for the month and build my plan around it across all marketing touchpoints. You can add in as many social platforms and marketing touchpoints as required eg: window displays or website 

Once complete, it is perfect for sharing out the workload to staff or outsource for someone to create the more routine content leaving you to do the ‘of the moment/behind the scenes’ content which only you can do! 

We do this extremely successfully with our clients – a great example is a Vet client of ours – clearly we cannot be in the clinic every week taking photos of cute animals and filming gory operations, so we coach the client to do this whilst we ensure all of her core content is created and scheduled such as promotions, COVID updates, pricing, booking appointments, pet of the month, opening hours, staff updates, awards, testimonials, media coverage and more. All of a sudden, consistent and quality content is easy and she has one of the most engaged and active FB pages I know 

And so, to ease the burden of planning, here is my content plan free for you to download. Any questions? Hit this button and ask away.  

And because I know some of you will be thinking, ok, ok, I get it but don’t have time, yes, we can help. 

Options are: 

Create the plan and we will take care of the content creation and scheduling.  


We create the plan – you follow it. 


We create the plan and take care of the content creation.  

Whichever you choose, you are a huge step closer to creating consistent and quality content that will actually engage your audience and generate leads. 

You can even choose from a 3, 6, 9 or 12month plan.  

Sound good?   

Click to book a call and I can chat about your needs and find the option to suit you. 

With pricing for content plans starting from as little as $379 (plus GST), it could be the best investment for your business and help you on your way to smashing the content conundrum that has been holding you and your business back from generating new leads and standing out in your industry.  

And meantime you might want to check out the content we create for some of our clients which we create from our very own content plans ~ Direct Vet Services Facebook Page & Hunter Hill Junior Rugby Club Instagram Page

Book a call today and never stress over what and when to post again!  

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