3 Ways To Collaborate to Boost your Christmas Sales

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Collaborating is a great way to reach new customers and in the run up to Christmas when many retailers and service businesses want to increase their revenue prior to an often-quieter period, what better way than to collaborate with another business.  


Collaborating can be a great option during slump periods too, so if your Christmas is a quiet period or perhaps New Year, then why not start planning a collab now to overcome those dips in sales? 

Collaborations are often far more cost effective than traditional advertising or social media ad spends. In most cases, it is only the cost of your time and any resources perhaps.  


Here are 3 ways you could collaborate this Christmas (or for any special occasion) to generate new leads, increase sales and build your audience: 


  • Create a simple marketing partnership with a complimenting business this could be on or offline (COVID restrictions dependent).  Think about what you can share in terms of increasing reach – email database content, social media, sharing premises space, retail window space even, and then start to build a partnership which creates a win/win for you both!  Think accountants with lawyers, or real estate agents with new home gifts, or designers with printers, or hairdressers with nail technicians….the options are endless! 


  • Team up with another product or service business or more than one other, to create a Christmas gift hamper – you may have products that work well with another product, or even a service. For example, you might sell essential oils or candles which could be teamed up with a massage voucher, spa treatment or perhaps another item such as hand creams, bath salts, a meditation.  


  • Organise an event and collab with other business to provide venue, food, goodie bags etc. Or why not share a pop-up space with one or two other businesses to not only reduce costs but assist with manning it and attracting a broader range of customers!  


I would love to hear of any collabs you create for this festive season and if you hit reply to this email and tell me all about it, I will pick some to share in the Ambitious Business Owners tribe! 


Here are a couple of my examples to get your creative juices flowing! 


Hairdresser with coffee shop – I created a very simple collaboration for a hairdressing client with a neighbouring café – for every referral that booked an appointment with her, she gave them a voucher for the café (bought at a discount). The café in return benefited from the customer who likely bought more than the value of the voucher, they also promoted the hairdresser and the hairdresser was fully booked and filled her client list within 3 months!  

Baby store with mother’s walking group – a simple yet effect partnership – a baby store became the start point for a weekly walk for mums with buggy’s and babies providing a place to meet, browse the store before and after, cold drinks in the fridge and highlighted their store as it was in a tucked away location.  

Relationship expert with HR for a media article – a relationship expert wanted to reach the media with a story about the impact of marriage breakdowns on employers. In order to add credibility to the issue and make the story a strong one for the media, we connected them with an HR expert for expert comment. Bingo.  A media-worthy story.  

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