3 Reasons Your Business Can Pitch to the Media 

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It can be difficult for many SME’s to know when and what to pitch to the media – finding a news-worthy story angle can present as one of the biggest hurdles for small business owners, but so too, can be the ability spot an opportunity. 

Sometimes, in lieu of knowing what to pitch, keeping an eye on appropriate media targets for your industry and target market can open up the gateway to finding that reason.  

Let’s take a look at three simple opportunities for any business to pitch their small business to a journalist, editor or even producer.  

It’s your first time –  

If your business has never graced the pages of your local paper or never been mentioned over your local radio soundwaves, then now is the time to make a phone call. Local media love to feature local stories, and generally prefer to feature angles that are relevant to their direct locality over those outside of their jurisdiction. Browse your local publications and keep an ear out for story angles that other small business owners are utilising to get a piece of the action and a feel for what they are interested in ~ it could be anything from a new and innovative product that can help the community, a charitable event or sponsorship, a hardship, or even a quote on a news story that is topical to your area of expertise. If you do spot a hook for a story, then don’t hesitate. Time is of the essence and you’ll need to reach out promptly in order to be relevant in the eyes of your target.  

Topical or special occasion –  

With dozens of special or important occasions and dates sprinkled throughout our calendar year, there is sure to be an angle here that is relevant to your business. Own a small, boutique florist? Think of pitching your floral advice to your outlet in the lead up to Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Create or source nutritious take home meals and snacks? Consider offering expert dietary advice on World Diabetes Day or packaging tips off the back of Nude Food Day. Offer amazing vacation care services? Get in before the school term comes to a close. Own a chiropractic or Veterinary clinic? Leverage your expertise by finding out about corresponding annual health days like World Spine Day or National Pet Day and pitch your story angle in the lead up to them.  

Again, time is critical here and you’ll need to have done your research BEFORE your topical date arrives – journos aren’t always aware of dates that are relevant to your field so giving them plenty of time to consider your story/advice here is crucial and to get in before another business does! 



Newsjacking is defined by newjacking.com as the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story so you and your ideas get noticed. It requires a constant understanding of what stories are taking centre stage in your media targets and remaining mindful and vigilant in deciphering ways you could contribute to, or piggyback a relevant angle.  

We highly recommend checking out SourceBottle’s recent blog article which outlines effective tips for success with this often short window of opportunity to connect with your media targets.   

And while we’re on the topic of SourceBottle, we love using their daily ‘drink up alert’ calling for opportunities from a wide variety of publications, podcasts, television interviews and more, as an effective way to share your story and connect with journalists, for free. Sign up today to receive media opportunities relevant to your business and field, delivered straight to your inbox.  


Regardless of your field of expertise or what type of business you own, there are countless opportunities for you to pitch to your media, the key is to remain vigilant with remaining up to date with your publications and relevant stories in your industry, as well as remaining open-minded about even the smallest of opportunities which may present itself to you.  

Good luck, and happy pitching! 

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