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Australian Associated Press (AAP) and Medianet response to a recent Press Release ~ 

“The press release sent through from Hullabaloo PR caught the AAP Editor’s attention firstly due to the captivating headline (a bit of humour in a hot topic never goes astray) and secondly to the detail put into the release. It gave the information needed right from the get-go with strong bullet points and an expert to talk to on the matter. A great piece of PR for Medianet to pass on to the relevant journalists.​

Hullabaloo PR’s press release then went on to be chosen by the editorial team to be taken into the News Room conference, along with one other to be pitched to the Editor-In-Chief. Susie’s was the one they chose with the possibility of it being included in their news for the day which is distributed throughout all News Rooms.”

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We are a PR team that creates out of the box marketing

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customer experience that make your business known and famous

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As a Public Relations Agency team (we don’t like the term agency as start-ups, micros and small business is our love and agencies have a bit of a bad rap for not doing tailored, personal, out of the box type like we do) so we prefer Team.  We, as a team, can make you known and famous.  Stand out from the crowd, become talked about, for all the right reasons. We offer a full service; PR, content, video, social, web development, design, collaboration and a large helping of good old-fashioned customer experience and fun on top!


We want to take you to your crowd, find your best customers and connect with them in a way that is different and actually engages them. The limit is our imagination! We help businesses identify their goals, bring clarity to their brand, and develop and implement a thorough marketing strategy that will lead to success!.


We believe no marketing strategy is complete without incorporating a partnership opportunity. They are all around us. Big corporates are doing it and so can you. We can show you how.

PR & Media

An often forgotten yet low cost marketing strategy, the media is a powerful tool, which can compliment your marketing and reach new clients and perhaps even attract new partnership opportunities! Allow us to reach the media with your story.


Your words should be engaging, accurate and totally ‘you’. Words should build confidence and communicate, add value and inspiration, share and generate emotion. Content can be shared in so many ways…email, handwritten, flyers, website, phone, face to face… If you are struggling with words, don’t. We love words and we love stepping into your brand to create the words that fit.

Social Media

Having a great social media presence doesn’t have to feel like hard work. With social media, you can engage with potential customers and share your story. For the comfort of knowing you are ‘social on social media’, allow us to write content and keep you sharing whilst you tend to your socialising!

Design and Web

We stick to what we do best and if we don’t do it, we will find you the best that does and so when it comes to graphic design and web development, these two rather lovely and trusted friends of Little Black Book Marketing, are, in our opinion, the best! Check them out and come back and show off!

Public relations is more than being in the news, it’s about building relationships with customers and the community around you, it’s about building a brand that is known for something, it’s about creating a personality within your industry

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